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All Ministries

Developing A Faith That Works-Week 1

Gaining From Your Problems | Ganando De Tus Problemas

House of Faith believes that we are each an intricate part of God’s kingdom. Each of us has gifts, cialis whether we know what they are or not, search that can be put to great use. You have a purpose. If you haven’t found your purpose yet, we invite you to take part in our classes to see how God has called you.  Start in Class 1 and continue to Classes 2 and 3. There you will discover how wonderfully made you actually are. You may even find a talent you never knew existed.

After participating in the classes House of Faith wants you to put what you’ve learned into practice. There are many different ministries to take part of. There is something for everyone. Below find a list of ministries available at House of Faith. Feel free to ask a pastor or a leader how you can take part in any of these ministries. 

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

Colossians 3:23

AUDIO: The team who sets up and monitors the sound for music activities.

Coordinator: Raul Ferro –


CARE CALLERS: Ministers who call regular attendees and ask if they have any comments, prayer requests, or family needs to share with Pastor Guillermo or other staff. They record the comments, etc. and leave them for Pastor Guillermo or other staff review for follow up.

Coordinator: William Cisneros –


CELEBRATIONS MINISTRY: This ministry is responsible for sending out special greeting cards for church members’ momentous occasions.

Coordinator: Bruni Villareal


CLEANING: This ministry is responsible for maintaining our church clean and tidy for all our services.

Coordinator: Sonia Cordero –


COMMUNICATIONS TEAM: The team that designs and oversees set up for visual effects for the songs and the preaching, in addition to managing the church’s digital components: website, podcast, social media, handouts, and church calendar.

Coordinator: Ben Velazquez –


COMPUTER DATA INPUT: This ministry is responsible for updating all church lists in computer files.. They work with the welcoming team to collect valid information regarding church attendance, and other church demographics. They discover, collect, analyze and organize information that is vital to individual believers or the entire church family.

Coordinator: Grace Correa-Perez – 


EVANGELISM: This team specializes in winning souls for the Kingdom of God. Together they seek to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to unbelievers in a positive, nonthreatening way and by any available means, modern or ancient. They seek opportunities to share Christ and lead people to respond with faith.

Coordinator: OPEN


HELPING HANDS: This ministry helps the needy. They collect canned goods and clothes for donation and participation in various projects for the community. They gather as groups to feed the homeless, visit the elders and help in special projects.  In addition, they provide personal visits in the hospitals and homes of the attendees of our church that are sick, discouraged or have not attended church.

Coordinator: Yolanda Garces –


HOUSE OF FAITH BAND: A team of instrumentalist who play during worship services.

Coordinator: Raul Ferro –


INTEGRATION / WELCOMING TEAM: This ministry gives the first impressions of love, acceptance, and friendliness to members, attendees, and visitors alike. They help first time visitors by finding them proper seating making and providing them with a welcome package. Their primary responsibility is guiding the new converts into becoming active members of our church.



LINKS (SMALL GROUPS): These groups of 5-10 people meet with the purpose of fellowship and support.

Coordinator: Raul Ferro –

PRAYER: This team prays for and follows up on very specific prayer requests. They coordinate all church prayer chains and prayer events. They pray for the needs of others in the church family over extended periods of time on a regular basis.

Coordinator: Laura & Walter Silva –


SECURITY: The welcoming team that oversees the normal flow of the services in general, and assists people as needed.

Coordinator(s): Jose Frederick & Julio Perez


SUNDAY SCHOOL: Classes that provide Christian principles for children. These include games, discussions of bible stories and characters with applications to practical living.

Coordinator: Lily Ferro –


TRANSLATION: Ministers who translate during the devotional and the preaching of our church services. Services are translated from Spanish to English, or English to Spanish.


Raul Ferro –


VOCAL WORSHIP TEAM: Singers are selected from this group to lead worship services.

Coordinator: Raul Ferro –


YOUTH GROUP: Geared to ministering to the special needs of our youth (ages 13-25)

Coordinator: OPEN